Cut the waiting time in cinema hall with Movie Box App

There used to be days when you would have to stand outside those multiplex cinema halls to buy movie tickets. Sometimes you were able to get them while most of the other times, you were not able to get your preferred slot, your preferred seat in the theater or sometimes, you were not able to get your hands on a ticket at all. These scenes used to cause a lot of fury and anger among the movie-goers due to which they usually returned dejected from the theaters.

Waiting Line

Now, with the help of the Movie Box App, users can easily watch the latest flicks on their smartphones. In fact, users can do a lot more than just watching latest shows on this application.

MovieBox App – A Knowhow

The MovieBox App was developed to save people’s time and money. The mobile app allows its users to watch their favorite movie or TV Shows at a time or place of their choice without costing them any money. With a wide range of choices including TV shows across various different genres, languages or even from different countries, this application allows you to keep in touch with your favorite shows anywhere you want them.

To enjoy your favorite TV Shows and movies free of cost, all you need to do is download the app to your smartphone. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Movie Box App – Features to Eye At

  • The app is filled with a wide range of TV shows, movies across different languages and genres. You can watch shows among genres such as Sit-coms, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Rom-Coms among others while a similar type of diversity is also available which also belong to different genres.
  • The app contains shows and movies across a number of languages from across the globe. It allows users to watch the shows in whichever language they are comfortable with. You can also watch all the trailers of the upcoming films on this app too.
  • The content on the app is available free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny to watch the content on the mobile application. All you have to do is to have this app installed on your smartphone and have a good, stable internet connection to stream the media.
  • This app can be easily found on Android as well as iOS devices. You can easily download the app from the Google Play Store for Android Users and Apple Store for the iOS users. Users can also download the app from their website.
  • Users can also download the media on this app to their mobile devices. This allows them to view the content whenever they want.

How You can Cut the Waiting Time in Cinema Hall through Movie Box App

This app would be a great companion for you as it would allow you to stream all of your favorite movies whenever you wish to view them. You don’t need to pay anything to view the content on the app. Once the movies are released, they will be available on this application and you can easily watch them at your convenience. Now, no more wait or standing in queues for your dose of entertainment.

Welcome to Szilvasvarad Travel Site

Szilvásvárad lies 25 kilometers North of Eger, on the Western part of the Bükk Mountains in Hungary. It’s height above sea-level is 345 meters. This little mountain village – which has very long past – is situated in wonderful surroundings and offers to visitors a lot of kind of accommodation. It is a well-known international holiday resort perfect for relaxing European vacation.


The Szalajka-valley is part of the National Park of Bükk Mountains, nature conservation area.


Main sights: the picturesque Szalajka-valley, Veil-waterfall, Rock-spring, Open-air Museum which is unique in Europe, a Game Preserve, Caveman’s Cave, Stock farm of trouts, Fish Lakes, Narrow-gauge Railway. In the village – which has about 2.800 inhabitants – the world-famous Lippizaner stud are bred. The Lippizaner horses have more than 400 years long history. In whole year colourful programs are tempting here the loungers for some relaxation, sport, amusement, and ones who simply wish to have an excursion. Horse programs,

shows and carriage trips make complete the fun facilities.


The lovers of horse riding have a chance to discover the countryside on horseback, while children can ride on a pony. For the winter sledge tour, warm clothing is suggested! This place is a paradise for nature lovers too. You can get yourself familiar with nature, the local culture, handicrafts and the tradition of horse-breeding in interesting special museums. Apart from the horse sport, one can try the near ski courses (with lifts and lighting), mountain bicycle tour, cave tour, rock climbing, hiking,  archery and a mountain tour with a qualified guide. In every year, several-day horse festivals attract thousands of people here. A “new tradition” in the village is the grape harvest festival in autumn. Gastronomic trout and

wine’s festival and a lot of other programs. One important event for truffle lovers!